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Efforts & courage are not enough without purpose & direction

~ John F. Kennedy
Former U.S President & War Hero

Areas of Growth

Achieving Life Goals & Purpose

Wondering where you should head next? What you should focus on? Plan your goals according to what fits your need not only based on your financial- and living-situation, but based on what will help you prosper and let you wake up in the morning with relief in your heart and a smile on your face. Unearth the reason for your being on this planet. Learn to recognize what is your calling, without it being influenced by prejudice, upbringing, or even our own mental blockages, and interweave it seamlessly into your life.

Business & Career Success

Know how to steer your business in the direction that will allow it to sprout more wings, instead of burn them off. Learn how to evaluate your alliances and business partners based on integrity and values before you even sign the contract, instead of finding out the hard way. Receive case-specific guidance on dealing with issues within your business, or ideas on how to kickstart or develop a career that will nurture your life.

Parenting with a Vision

A new perspective is needed in our digital era. Develop and bring your relationships within your family & partnership to a place in which you can synch each other's goals and build a higher vision so that all members of the family are more inspired, supported, and fruitful. A cohesive direction will not only lead you and your family to a better place, but to a more fulfilling existence.

Health & Well-Being

If you feel unease in your gut, and you don't even have the energy to take care of yourself, or you're experiencing a health problem (or a few)--whether hereditary or not--you can work on the ability to receive the energy you're lacking, and ten times more to do the projects you've always wanted to pursue, but didn't have enough boost. You can understand the root reason for your health issues instead of just taking care of the symptom, and work to heal yourself through the your personal energy field.

Finding the Right Partner

Develop or strengthen your ability to recognize if a partner is right for you and identify blockages or traps that are attracting you to the people that won't fit you in the long-run. Gain essential tools that will serve you for life on how to start a relationship on the right foot, and maintaining it in a way that will nourish you instead of drain both partners in the relationship.

Healing Others

Practitioners in the Health Care or any Alternative Medicine/Healing fields can benefit from the knowledge and practical wisdom they can gain here. Practitioners who use our method can help their patients on a much deeper level, as well as treating them with more finesse, accuracy, and emotion. You can bring your own practice or healing method to the next level, or develop a practice of your own. Be able to take care of yourself & others without feeling burned out at the end of the day.

Empowering Your Couple Relationship

Develop a keen sense of intuition and wisdom that can bring your love life to the next level--in your communication, your connection, and closeness to one another both inside and outside of the bedroom. Gain an ability to receive immediate answers from your personal energy field on how to deal with arguments while keeping that spark.

Become Inspired

When you develop a very strong connection to yourself and to your natural energy field, you will be able to tap into a limitless source of knowledge, wisdom and inspiration that can help you move through any mental obstacles.

About Us

We have been training people, couples and families¬†for two decades on how to make life-changing decisions and lead strong, healthy partnerships & relationships in all aspects of life–whether personal or business–by giving them a set of tools and a breadth of knowledge that they use in their daily lives.

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