Fish bones stuck in my throat disappeared!

 Some weeks ago I was eating a very tasty fish, but it had a lot of spines. While eating somebody talked to me, and I forgot my grandmother’s advice: “when you eat fish you don’t talk…“. Two spines got stuck in my throat, it was very painful. I drunk water, eat bred… did everything I know in order to get the spines [...] Read more »

Orel helped me to release stress very fast!

Hello all A few months ago I was suffering from a lot of stress and I started blinking my eyes as the result of the stress.   I had a session with Orel and he gave me a couple energy exercise to do with my life partner. It evolves massage and releasing expectations. Orel also told me to [...] Read more »

This is freedom!

I want to share with you how I feel in the Aura. I feel excited for life, at the possibility of what I can create in every moment. I feel like I can do anything and there is no challenge that can stop me. I trust the Healaura community and I feel a lot of [...] Read more »

My life have changed to the best thank to Healaura

I can thank Healaura for the following: 1. My depression, colitis and inflammation in my hands are almost symptom free 2. I have purpose and direction in my life 3.  A life partner to share my goals in life with 4. Friends that really support me 5. I am able to channel my Aura and [...] Read more »

Message from a tree about the birth of my baby

A message from a tree: Important message we got from a tree and helped us feel better was before the birth of Shunn when we been told in a meeting in the hospital that if the baby is not turning to be with his head down they will set a cesarean surgery a week before [...] Read more »

Changing the work environment in a better place to be!!

I am the manager of a small chocolate store in Israel, the store is a part of a coffee place.  Lately there have been many changes in the coffee place, the managers have changed and most of the employees as well.  Orel gave me a few sessions ago a mission to gather all the girls [...] Read more »

Pain and discomfort from my pelvis reduced with no prescription medecine

Since I received my energy exercise from Orel in Healaura Academy I have started to have a better physical understanding of my body, and reclaiming parts of my body that were taken over by pain. This is greatest gift anyone has ever given me. I became aware that most of the pain and discomfort I was feeling [...] Read more »

A wonderful new way to learn English!

As an ESL teacher I find a lot of my students are hesitant to speak English for the first time. They think that they will sound funny and they don’t want to make mistakes in front of people. They realize very quickly that they need to go out of their comfort zone to make the [...] Read more »

In 7 minutes my back pain reduced in 80%!!

Two days ago I woke up with a strong pain in my right scapula (in my back). I had problems to move the neck because the pain was irradiating up to my head and even to the arm. It was blocking my movements and putting tension in the rest of my body. That morning was a [...] Read more »

Thanks to Healaura I have saved a lot of money!

Dear people, I am 48 years old. I want to share that since I begin the way of aura development in Healaura my life completely  changed!!! This is the most purest and most connective way that I ever experienced in my life from all the spiritual ways that I went through. All the jobs that [...] Read more »

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